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Should a Shrine article talk about politics? Good question. And the answer is “Yes”. How can that be? Because every human action, no matter how it can be classified, has a moral dimension to it.

Even Politics … Even Elections.

A caution. What is clear is that the Church teaches us as clergymen not to choose a candidate from one side or other and then to strongly encourage us to vote for one or another candidate. We are called to discern which candidate and or party reflects the best our Christian principles.

No party, Republican or Democrat reflects 100% those same  Christian beliefs or principles. We are encouraged to discern in our conscience which party we believe that,  as a whole, reflects best those same beliefs and principles.

Speaking of Politics and Elections……..


All of us as citizens have a right to vote. It is the great privilege of democracy. Today in some sectors politicians are trying to limit that right. In as much as we because of our position or status  make it virtually impossible for a person, who is qualified to cast a ballot.   It is a theft, plain and simple. 

Fr. Joe Gosselin, M.S.  Shrine Superior/treasurer

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