La Salette Parish Communities in Ukraine

La Salette Parish Communities in Ukraine – March 20, 2022 – Life Teen Mass from Catholic Church of St. Ann on Vimeo.

First All-Ukrainian Catholic Eucharistic Congress began on May 26, 2012 in Kyiv and continued in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine on May 30, 2012

We La Salettes work in six locations in Ukraine, both in the East and in the West: in Zaporizhzhia, Nikopol, Krzywy Róg, Brajłow, Busk, and Łanowice. Virtually none of these places is peaceful. In Krzywy Róg, Nikopol, and Zaporizhzhia, constant bomb sirens force our co-workers to take refuge in their cellars. The fight for the Solar Power Plant, located near our parish in Nikopol, is still going on.
Although the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for leaving the country, we (La Salette Missionaries in Ukraine are Polish and come out of the Polish Province) want to stay in our parishes with the faithful whom the Church has entrusted to our spiritual protection. Despite the risk, the enormity of the tragedy we observe outside the window does not allow us to sit idly. We carry out our pastoral ministry uninterruptedly in all parishes. We accept refugees where possible. We coordinate evacuations from the most endangered areas and organize nutritional assistance. In Krzywy Róg alone, we distributed 600 loaves of bread at a time.

This video was produced by the St. Anne La Salette Parish in Marietta, Georgia. It clearly shows one of the six La Salette Parishes in Ukraine ministering to their parishioners and others in the community by providing them with loaves of bread. The scenes almost look like live a live parable right out of the Gospel! Our La Salette priests are brave souls, having chosen to stay with their flock during this tragic time. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainians and pray for their safety and sufferings.

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