Day for Ukraine – Activities

A Day for Ukraine Fundraiser a Full Day of Activities and Entertainment. Please come and learn more about Ukraine and its culture, and activities to enjoy the entertainment.

7:30am – 10:00am Pancake Breakfast

9:30am    Faith and Compassion in a Troubling Time – A Discussion

  • Prelude – Michael Caduto award winning author, storyteller, musician- singing his song; Children of Ukraine
  • Discussion led by Father John Sullivan with Valerie and Robert Reading (Volunteers recently returned from Ukraine), Rev. Steve Silver and Anne Bouchard of the Baha’I Faith

12:00pm       Mykhailo Shirpal musician/Sopilka player (Ukrainian flute)

10:30am – 4:30pm

  • Pysanky Ukrainian Egg writing demonstration by Shannon Wallis
  • Interactive Children’s activities – Bracelet making, Sunflower seed planting and Sunflower seed balls, Face painting.

9:30am – 4:00pm

Silent Auction – Place your bid and see if you win some of these amazing items: Flight over the upper valley, woodworks, paintings, weavings and many more. Bids close at 4:00pm

Sightseeing flight out of Lebanon Airport, local artist paintings, and many more.

12:30             Lunch: Ukrainian Cuisine   made by our group of local volunteers. The menu includes your choice verenaky, borscht (Ukrainian), pierogi, stuffed cabbage rolls, honey cakes and more!

1:00pm          Marko Boroda Ukrainian Singer/Musician

2:00pm          Teryn Kuzma, Ukrainian-American soprano, and Stephan Zaets both Ukrainian Bandurists
(Bandurais a 55-string traditional Ukrainian instrument)

3:00 pm         Kolyan’ka Dance Ensemble (Ukrainian Folk Dance) with 40 Dancers from Stamford, Ct.

4:30pm          Ilya Demba and Anastasiya Ukrainian Musicians/singers/band

4:30                Barbecue

6:00pm          Mass Concelebrated with LaSalette Missionaries andUkrainian priests.

With music by Teryn Kuzma and Stephan on Bandura to play “Bozhe Velykey Yedyney” –One Great God -and an arrangement of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, but with Ukrainian lyrics written by the Ukrainian Youth Association of Great Britain and arranged by Oksana Zelinska.

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