Day for Ukraine Fundraiser Program Schedule

A Day for Ukraine Fundraiser Announces a Full Day of Activities and Entertainment on June 11, 2022. Please come and learn more about Ukraine and its culture, and activities to enjoy the entertainment.

7:30am – 10:00am Pancake Breakfast

9:30am         Faith and Compassion in a Troubling Time – A Discussion. The discussion will start with Michael Caduto award winning author, storyteller, musician – singing his song; Children of Ukraine.  Followed by the discussion led by Father John Sullivan with Valerie and Robert Reading (Volunteers recently returned from Ukraine), Rev. Steve Silver and Anne Bouchard of the Baha’I Faith

12:00pm       Mykhailo Shirpal Playing the Sopilka which is a Ukrainian flute.

10:30am – 4:30pm

Shannon Wallis will be demonstrating the art of Ukrainian Egg decorating which involves the use of hot wax in coloring the designs.

Concurrent with this will be a variety of activities for Children (and children at heart) including the Bracelet making with blue and yellow beads; Sunflower seed planting and Sunflower seed balls (whatever they are), and what event would be complete without Face painting.

9:30am – 4:00pm

Silent Auction – Place your bid and see if you win some of these amazing items: Flight over the upper valley, woodworks, paintings, weavings and many more. Bids close at 4:00pm.

12:30             Lunch: Explore Ukrainian Cuisine made by our group of local volunteers. The menu includes your choice verenaky (pierogi), borscht (Ukrainian!), stuffed cabbage rolls, honey cakes and more!

1:00pm         Marko Boroda Ukrainian Singer/Musician singing songs from his album “We Stand with Ukraine.

2:00pm         Teryn Kuzma, Ukrainian-American soprano, and Stephan Zaets both Ukrainian Bandurists. The Bandura is a 55-string A bandura is a Ukrainian, string instrument. It combines elements of the zither and lute, a traditional Ukrainian instrument

3:00 pm        Kolyan’ka Dance Ensemble (Ukrainian Folk Dance) with 40 Dancers from Stamford, Ct. show through their dance, their expression, and movements, dancers of all ages and Ukrainian backgrounds live t he importance of their heritage and culture.

4:30pm         Ilya and Anastasiya Demba, Ukrainian Musicians/singers/band continue the tribute to the Ukrainian through traditional folk songs and music

4:30               Barbecue – Do I need to describe how important this!

6:00pm         The day of fundraising for Ukraine will end with a Mass Concelebrated by the LaSalette Missionaries, who continue to work in Ukraine to feed and house refugees,  and their Ukrainian priestly brothers. A service to pray for peace and justice in Ukraine and around the world.

The music by Teryn Kuzma, soprano, and Stephan on Bandura to play “Bozhe Velykey Yedyney” –One Great God – and an arrangement of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, but with Ukrainian lyrics written by the Ukrainian Youth Association of Great Britain and arranged by Oksana Zelinska.

Thank you all in advance for your support of this special day so that we can say we “Stand with Ukraine”.

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