Ukrainian Christmas Celebration

Ukrainian Christmas Celebration at the La Salette Festival of Light on December 11, 2022 from 3:00 to 7:00pm.

Ukraine and its people continue to suffer as we approach almost 9 months from the invasion of their land by Russia. With American Thanksgiving and the holiday season of Hannukah and Christmas approaching we need to continue to remember and to celebrate the people and culture. The Ukrainian dinner will offer an assortment of Ukrainian food; kutia, borshch, varenyky and more. All representing part of the 12 course traditional Christmas eve traditions of Ukraine. Come eat, celebrate, learn, and enjoy caroling with the Christmas lights of La Salette in Enfield, NH.

  • A Bandurist concert featuring a Soprano accompanied by the Ukrainian Bandura musical instrument 


  • A selection of traditional Ukrainian and American Christmas Carols all with the La Salette with lights on the hill side as a backdrop.

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