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May 31st Memorial Day,  Regular Daily Mass will be held at 11:30 Mass

June 5th and 6th Rosary for vocations will be said 20 minutes before Mass. Chris H and vocational committee will lead these. This will continue each weekend during the summer.

Starting June 6th and 7th Daily Mass will be held outdoors on the hill in the Summer House at 11:30 (weather permitting). Weekend Masses will remain in the Chapel until the tent is erected.

June 10th (Thursday) Fr. William V. Kaliyadan will give a presentation on “La Salette Inculturation Around the World” 9:30- 11:15 and he will then preside at 11:30 Mass. Refreshments will be served by the Hospitality Committee (June, Dee, Dottie, and Sharon)

June 12th (Saturday) Bishop Peter Libasci will celebrate a Bi-Lingual Mass (Spanish/English) at the 6 PM Mass, followed by Concert by Silvio Cuellar in the Chapel.  Silvio is from Bolivia and his music is representative of music from the Andes Region.  

2021 Theme Sign for 175th Anniversary and Christmas Light Display

Friday, March 26th 2021

“MY LIGHT … A Lamp unto my Feet!”

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